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Academic journals

Introducing academic journals for high school students

Staff Editors

Devon Varoz is a freelance writer, published author, and content consultant in Tucson, Arizona. Previously, he served as Student Editor of WRITlarge and as Editorial Assistant to The Denver Quarterly at the University of Denver. In all his work, he collaborates with professionals and students using a non-judgmental, Socratic approach to invention and revision. Devon hopes to welcome and celebrate the emerging voices of thoughtful secondary students.

KB Gardner studied mathematics at East Tennessee State University. Her research experience includes graph theory, combinatorics, and applications, and her work history is in mathematics education. She works as an instructor, tutor, and curriculum developer for mathematics courses ranging from probability and statistics to geometry to calculus to discrete mathematics. She has worked with educational companies such as Penn Foster in developing their mathematics curricula.

KB has published “Universal Cycles of Restricted Words,” which involves research on combinatorial graph theory, for the Midwestern Conference on Combinatorics and Combinatorial Computing (MCCCC) 30.  Other pieces of research include Initial Effects of Turn Order in “Settlers of Catan,” a computational study on the ramifications of early choices in a board game, performed in 2014.

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