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The Effect of Multimedia on Children’s Education

Yun Seo Ha

British International School Bratislava


The purpose of this study was to devise a way to incorporate multimedia into children’s language learning. First, preliminary research about the effect of multimedia was conducted by reading through other research papers. All aspects, including advantages, disadvantages, and experiments of multimedia to prove its impact was thoroughly examined. Two theories related to multimedia, Hoban’s visualization theory and Dale’s cone of experience, were examined to act as the main criterion for building a multimedia education tool. Some of the experiments previously done in kindergartens and middle schools were incorporated in the study to prove the effectiveness of multimedia. All the secondary research proved that the utilization of multimedia does have a positive effect on children’s education and that some of the limitations were not significant enough to hinder the use. Children experienced enhanced listening skills and better engagement in class and teachers showed a high agreement rate to using multimedia during lessons. Hence, a mobile application, CHOA, was created based on the obtained knowledge. The functions and appearance of the mobile application were examined through proven research and theories. Regarding the storybook content, it had a balance of text, illustration, and audio which is appropriate for primary children. For activities, the element of motion was added which could successfully increase the motivation and engagement levels of users. Based on the study, it seems to a large extent that the aspects of multimedia in this mobile application enhance the academic achievement of young students and connects the world outside the classroom with the learner.

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