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Smart Home System for Elderly Solitudinarians Using Arduino

Justin Jaewoo Park

Saint Paul Preparatory Seoul


Passengers’ mobility platform Conatus’s “half taxi” has been revived for the first time in 40 years. The city expected that the legislation of shared services would solve transportation problems such as difficulties in riding and increase passenger convenience, but limitations were found in the commercialization stage. The key issue is that the percentage of passengers is too low, the taxi fare is too low, or the above conditions are met. To address this, we propose a more efficient system in this paper. CTP solves the problem of the underworld. This ensures a 70% chance of route intersection sharers within 1 km by allowing users to walk reasonable distances. To ensure a higher probability of matching by adopting the Skyline query, the system recommends several taxi choices through the skyline based on several factors. Group Skyline method is adopted to calculate the optimal passenger group. Finally, we adopted a why-not query to motivate drivers and suggest appropriate guidelines for improving performance. In the result section, Adopting CTP helps the matching during the time complexity isn’t increasing compared to the original algorithm. The paper concludes with suggestions in the aspect of real-time query and privacy.

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