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Art as Propaganda: A History on How Ruling Parties Manipulate the Vulnerable

Kate choi
Asheville School



Art has been used as propaganda to manipulate and persuade the public as far back as ruling parties have been recorded. It has been especially highlighted during times of war when governments such as the US, France, and Japan utilized art, knowing that it was an effective way to connect directly with the public’s emotions during vulnerable times. This paper will discuss the three primary ways propaganda was used during these times to manipulate the masses. I will discuss 2D art, such as posters and paintings, and how artists use techniques to promote nationalism and degrade their enemies. I will also discuss how the film industries helped produce movies that embody values that governments behold. Lastly, sculptures, such as monuments and statues, were dedicated to each country’s prominent leaders to praise their achievements and charisma. I will also show how these arts were not constructed solely for their citizens; they were “advertisements” to present greatness and advancements to other countries.

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