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The Uncaged Bird: The Life and Struggles of Florence Price

Min Seo Kim
Korea International School


Florence Price overcame many obstacles in order to pursue her musical career in the United States. She
constantly faced oppression and discouragement from society on account of her race and gender. The
present paper first introduces the Gilded Age, a period of rapid economic growth Price lived in, and
how the situation in Arkansas affected her family and early life. It dives deep into the social, economic,
and political parts of Arkansas to provide valuable insights into the reforms and changes that occurred
during Price’s life. Then, this paper endeavours a more in-depth explanation about the personal life of
Price, especially about her family background. Her parents’ job and status played a crucial role in her
exposure to music from an early age. At first, her community faced no racism and plenty of opportunities
for her to prosper in music. However, after the Reconstruction Era, Arkansas faced extreme racism
causing her family to become financially unstable. During these times, Price was not able to express her
music to the fuller degree. Nonetheless, her determination led to her admission to one the most
prestigious music schools. Through numerous teaching and performing experiences, she finally made
an impact in the music world and gained recognition after performing with the Chicago symphony. This
was a significant accomplishment especially for an African American women composer. Florence Price
has inspired many composers to overcome obstacles and pursue their career and dreams.

Keywords: Florence Price, Gilded Age, music, racism, gender discrimination.…</s犀利士 trong>

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