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Academic journals

Introducing academic journals for high school students

Women’s Rights as Human Rights: A review of feminist history

Mary Adichi
Spain Park High School (Birmingham, AL)


Feminism refers to ideologies and political and social movements that support and advocate for women`s rights. It aims at establishing political, social, and economic rights for women globally. Among the rights that feminism advocates for include the rights to vote, gain an education, receive equal pay, own property, and have freedom from inhumane treatment (Bodenner, 2016, p. 03).Over the years, feminist movements have recorded significant achievements in advocating for womens rights especially in the West. Feminism has accounted for drastic social changes regarding women status and rights; it has attained women suffrage, the right to own property and right to fair wages, and has made great advances in securing reproductive rights for all women. Many of these rights are now regarded as human rights that are inviolable and inalienable. However, women around the globe still regularly face discrimination, marginalization, and violations of basic human rights (Krug & Savic, 2002, p.232). Attaining womens human rights and achieving equality between men and women means eradicating all acts of discrimination against women.

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