Academic journals for high school students

Academic journals

Introducing academic journals for high school students


Publishing Information
Acton Scholars seeks to provide a platform for academic high school excellence. Thus, we welcome submissions of original scholar work in the form of research papers from all fields, including computer science, computer engineering, math, chemistry, biology, physics as well as art, history, philosophy and the social sciences (economics, policy studies, sociology, political science).

Please see the Submissions page for information on the submission and review procedure.

Publication Fees
All journals, including open-access journals, receive publication fees once papers have been accepted for publication. They can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. For example, The Concord Review, arguably the most prestigious academic journal for high school students require a journal membership ranging from $70 to $150 to submit a paper.

Most “closed” journals also sell their journals to readers. Open-access journals do not receive payment from readers, just from authors. In order to support the costs of operations, Acton Scholars normally asks for a $100 publication fee from the author once accepted for publication. Because it is open-access, Acton Scholars does not require payment from its readership.

*To celebrate its relaunch in 2020, Acton Scholars will be waiving all publication fees for the duration of the year. 

We thank the Dennett Foundation for making this possible.

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