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Academic journals

Introducing academic journals for high school students


Garfield Hansen
Northside College Preparatory High School


Consciousness refers to a person’s awareness about his or her unique memories, thoughts, sensations, feelings, and environment. The conscious experiences of a person are constantly changing and shifting. For example, a person maybe having a conversation with a friend then his consciousness shifts to a storybook he read about the same topic they are discussing with the friend. Next, it may shift to the evening dinner he plans to have with the girlfriend. These streams of thought keep changing between various events but a person’s experiences remains effortless and smooth.

In brain philosophy, consciousness was one of the first topics to be discussed by the psychologists (Bennett, 2007). Consciousness sensations, experiences, and thoughts were analyzed and reported by the process referred to as the introspection. Some psychologist such as William James, the American psychologist, stated that consciousness was like a stream; it is continuous and unbroken despite the constant changes and shifts.

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