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Importance of Understanding a Culture in the Era of Social Media

Herschel Girls School
Jungyeon Lee


This review paper focuses on why understanding a culture is essential in this era using cases of cultures presented in the media and different responses to the Covid-19 pandemic from various countries in the era of social media, it is easy to be introduced to a new culture. However, accepting other cultures that are different from our own is difficult. The barriers to appreciating other cultures cause cultural misunderstanding. Minor things like gestures or phrase use might cause misunderstandings. Additionally, cultural appropriation has become a concern since it may lead to stereotype formation and inhibit individuals from learning about other cultures and engaging in cultural exchange experiences. Due to the diverse cultures of people from different environments, the variation in COVID-19 policies and the reactions to those policies from people differed in each country. As covered in two cases of media and Covid-19, culture plays a huge role in people’s lives, and facing other cultures is unavoidable in a global age.

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