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Maximziation of Internet Coverage in Developing Nations

Justin Chung

Seoul International School


Internet poverty is a new type of societal problem that has emerged in the 21st Century. The day-to-day function of a developed country is ultra-reliant on internet access, while many in developing countries have either no access to internet services or the cost of procuring these services is too high. Thus this study focuses its discussion on internet access in model countries, such as those in some regions of Africa with low internet access. These areas often lack budget and locations where internet towers can be built. This fact can lead to two inference results: the first is that you have to determine where the base will actually be among the possible locations. The other is that there is a high probability that you will not be able to supply coverage to the whole region. These problems may be resolved using a maximum coverage location program (MCLP). However, from the perspective of the real world, different locales require the internet more than others, i.e., a school vs. a farm. In this paper, we define WMCLP, where we give a weight to each object in MCLP, and propose pruning and heuristic techniques to complete query processing within an allowable time. Furthermore, we propose a method that returns the minimum value of the budget required to achieve the target cover rate. The evaluation section proves that the time complexity of the proposed techniques is reasonable and efficient.

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