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Sentiment Analysis With KNN Algorithm

Hyunwoo Max Cho
Shanghai American School


Today, a lot of information is being poured out on the Internet. However, the ability to analyze and process information has become more important as there is so much information. Sentiment analysis is a technique that allows you to analyze a given text to understand the sentiment of the person who wrote it. [2] This is used in a wide variety of fields, ranging from finding out whether or not people who purchased goods are satisfied, to finding people who are at risk of suicide in advance or summarizing the main contents of the book. In the past, people conducted a sentiment analysis by scoring how positive each word is. However, this has a huge constraint on handling huge amounts of information in real time. Nowadays we combine machine learning with natural language processing (NLP) for this purpose. In this study, the author will use the KNN algorithm to identify how close the words are and analyze the sentiments of the people who wrote the movie review data.

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