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The Art Nouveau Movement and Its Influence on Modern Culture

Hyewon Cho
Korea International School


This research paper discusses the impact of the Art Nouveau movement on the evolution of modern art and its wider impact on the development of culture in general. The historical context behind Art Nouveau is outlined in order to allow the reader to understand the movement’s origins. The discussion of the goals and style characteristics of the Art Nouveau movement alongside a review of a few of its major artists gives a visual element of identification and appreciation of the art, architecture and design inspired by and created during the Art Nouveau period. More detailed analyses of the relationship the Glasgow Four Art Nouveau movement in Scotland had with the Viennese Secession, and the return of Art Nouveau-inspired design in the 1960’s demonstrate the origins and impact of the movement, respectively. The importance of the Art Nouveau movement is underlined by a concluding look into the major art movements influenced by Art Nouveau.

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