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Application of Shortest Path Algorithm Using Dijkstra’s Algorithm

Thomas Yong Hee Song Jr.


While current GPS systems do efficiently map routes from a starting point to a desired destination for different modes of transportation, it is the unfortunate case that these systems are not optimized and personalized for the user. For example, a user might have a limited amount of money or preferences for types of roads they want to travel. In addition, many times, route-finding systems fail to acknowledge the realistic logistics of the road when mapping the shortest distance, such as constantly changing road congestion or waiting times at traffic lights. This lack of personalization and accuracy makes it difficult and frustrating to utilize such services at times. Developing an algorithm to tackle these problems would help users to get to place faster while optimizing their journey based on their interests, facilitating travel from place to place. This paper ultimately aims to gain inspiration from, and apply, Dijkstra’s Algorithm to various shortest path problem variants and formulate actual algorithms that are tested for efficiency.

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