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Academic journals

Introducing academic journals for high school students

On Reading Philosophy After Analytic Philosophy

Harold E. Philis
Crested Butte Community School


We have grown accustomed to the censure and abuse of the philosophic sages of former times, especially from our contemporaries in Anglo-American philosophy. It is no longer shocking to read of Kant’s achievement, “Like all great pioneering works in philosophy the Critique is full of mistakes and confusions…the Critique still has much to teach us犀利士 , but it is wrong on nearly every page”1; or of Aristotle, “[he], like Adam, began right, but soon wandered into a wrong path, with disastrous consequences for his posterity.”2 Such judgments about pre-twentieth century philosophy are the results of the success of logical positivism of the early part of the century and its transformation into the linguistic philosophy of more recent times.

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