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Trade Relations Between U.S. and China

Alice K. Goulding
Loyola High School (Los Angeles, CA)


Over the past three decades, the economic ties between China and the U.S. expanded substantially. The total trade value between these countries rose from $2 billion in 1979 to $592 billion in 2014. According to the U.S., China is its biggest source of imports, the second-largest trade partner, and the third-largest export market. Market for the U.S. firms is provided by China, through direct and indirect exports of the U.S. to China and the investment firms of the U.S. trading in China. These countries have stayed globally competitive since many of the U.S. firms share in the Chinese market (Morrison, 2015). For example, general motors Company from the U.S. has invested heavily in China and sells more cars in China compared to the sales made in the U.S. Therefore, the trade relations between these two countries have paved way for benefits though with some few challenges which will be analyzed in this pap犀利士 er.

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