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World War II in Korea

Hans Bromin
Celina High School, Celina, TX


The Second World War started in September 1, 1939 and continued for six years ending on the 2nd of September, 1945. Being a war that involved virtually the entire world, one would expect that there was a solid reason as to why the world went into war. This, however, is not the case. There are a number of events cited as the cause of World War II. Some sources claim that World War II was simply a continuation of world war two. Other sources point at a conflict between China and Japan after Japan seized Manchuria from China. Italy’s defeat in the battle of Adowa in Ethiopia is also cited as one of the reasons for a second global war (Coetzee & Shevin-Coetzee, 2011). The war saw the Axis powers on side which included Germany, Italy and Japan with the Allies on the other side which included France, Soviet Union, U.S.A., Great Britain and China. With just a few countries mentioned to fight against each other, one would wonder why the war is called a world war. While other nations are not mentioned as key players, they all hard a part to play. These major countries were at the time colonial masters. When they went to war, they got help from their colonies. Japan for instance, ruled over Korea and got immense help from the country. This paper aims at looking at the role played by minor nations specifically Korea in World War II.

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