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Exploring the Impact of Domestic Violence on Children’s Mental Health and Academic Achievement

Cherry Kim

Korea International School


This literature review investigates the impact of domestic violence on the mental health and academic
outcomes of children. By analyzing household dynamics and socioeconomic factors, the paper reveals
how such environments significantly elevate the risk of both visible and invisible forms of abuse. The
narrative exposes the deeper, often overlooked emotional, verbal, and psychological abuses, further
complicating detection and intervention efforts. It critically evaluates the extended consequences of
such exposure, including cognitive impairments, heightened anxiety, behavioral disruptions, and
academic disengagement, casting a long shadow over children’s educational journey and social
development. The discourse extends to the pivotal role educational institutions play in mitigating these
adverse effects through targeted support systems, preventive education, and comprehensive staff
training. Concluding, the review advocates for a nuanced, multi-faceted approach to combat domestic
violence, emphasizing the creation of supportive educational environments. This approach addresses
the immediate challenges and fosters children’s holistic development, ensuring their well-being and
academic success amidst adversities.

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