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Rohingya Women: Resilience in the Bangladesh Crisis

Jiyoon Park

Hankuk Academy of Foreign Studies


This paper examines the severe impacts of the Rohingya humanitarian crisis, with a particular focus on
women and children refugees in Bangladesh. These groups face a confluence of challenges: pervasive
gender-based violence, significant health issues, and obstacles to accessing education. Central to the
discussion is the 2017 exodus, leading to life in Cox’s Bazar, where the refugees encounter sexual
violence, healthcare shortages, and limited educational services. Highlighted within the narrative are
the initiatives by international entities, such as UNHCR and the Hope Foundation, aimed at mitigating
these adversities. Concluding, the paper calls for a strengthened international response to enhance the
well-being and prospects of the Rohingya, stressing the need for improved healthcare, education, and
measures against gender-based violence, aiming to foster a more secure future for these vulnerable

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